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THN.com Blog: Commit to a better slogan, Chicago

Denis Savard has been frustrated with the slump Chicago has been in lately. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

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Denis Savard has been frustrated with the slump Chicago has been in lately. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

There is nothing wrong with having a team slogan to live by or draw motivation from, but in this world of political correctness you have to use a little common sense when selecting one for a respected, professional sports franchise.

So, “Commit to the Indian” isn’t exactly the most appropriate choice for the Chicago Blackhawks.

After a tough 1-0 loss to the Blue Jackets last Thursday, an impassioned coach Denis Savard, desperately trying to call on his team to step it up a notch for a playoff run, said “They don’t want to commit to the Indian, let’s go upstairs and get them out of here.”

The message was meant to get his players to respect the jersey they wear, or ship out. The Blackhawks are one of the NHL’s most storied franchises and have a rich history, so anyone who pulls that sweater over his head should don it with dignity.

So why does such an historically respected franchise have to stoop to such questionable and controversial level for inspiration?

Thankfully, they aren’t going to.

Club president John McDonough has said the team will not pursue it as an official tag; that’s why he’s the boss.

You can’t really point the finger at Savard, either. He was simply an angry and frustrated coach – who is also an ex-Hawk – calling out his players for their lackadaisical play and trying to teach them some respect while sending a message. Nothing wrong with that, he’s just doing his job.

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I’m just amazed at how some fans and media latched onto this as the next rallying cry. In fact, even acknowledging the sensitivity of the issue, but still trumpeting from the top of the mountains how groundbreaking this new motto was.

Come on Chicago, let’s get a little imaginative here. What else do ya got?

Don't mock the Hawk.

Welcome back, Gilbert Brule
After being sent down to the American League’s Syracuse Crunch Jan. 1, Gilbert Brule was called back up to the Blue Jackets Wednesday.

Originally selected sixth overall in 2005, a lot of pressure has been put on Brule ever since the Jackets inserted him into their NHL lineup in 2005-06 – like they had a “Commit to Brule” slogan, or something.

So, after eight points in 12 games with the Crunch, here’s hoping Brule can find himself and join Pascal Leclaire and Nikolai Zherdev as Columbus first-rounders to break out this season on the way to the Jackets’ first post-season berth.

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