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Start suspensions when injured player returns

I have a solution to cure headhunting. When a player attacks another's neck or head and injures that player he is suspended immediately and given a suspension for ‘x’ number of games, which begins when the injured player returns to the starting lineup.

It is completely unfair that a goon can put an opposing player out for weeks, months or even end his career and the goon only gets a suspension which puts him back in the lineup before the guy he injured makes it back.

Glaring examples include Dale Hunter's attack on Pierre Turgeon, Todd Bertuzzi's attack on Steve Moore, Chris Simon's various indiscretions, Jesse Boulerice's attack on Ryan Kesler, Steve Downie's hit on Dean McAmmond, Randy Jones' hit on Patrice Bergeron, etc.

Sadly, the list is quite long. If a vicious attack had potential open-ended consequences, maybe the dirty plays would become rare and the players would begin to develop some respect each other.

Ray Brooks, Atlanta Ga.

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