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Memorable moments from the Winter Classic

The weather was far from perfect, but fans - some more than others - enjoyed the game nonetheless.

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The weather was far from perfect, but fans - some more than others - enjoyed the game nonetheless.

Any kid who ever played ball hockey on the road or outdoor hockey at the local community center got warm pangs of flashback watching the Winter Classic in Buffalo Tuesday.

All the kids in the neighborhood got dressed up warmly and went over to Ralph Wilson’s driveway for the New Year’s Day game.

Here are 10 things that can only happen during an outdoor game and did in front of 71,217 fans watching the Penguins and Sabres.

10. Darryl Sydor’s constant squinting in the white brightness.

9. A handful of Sabres, including Derek Roy, wearing football eyeblack to avoid the squinting.

8. Michael Ryan and Ryan Miller wearing toques over their protective helmets.

7. Ty Conklin wearing Pittsburgh Penguins earmuffs.

6. Snow squalls hindering vision and getting caught in players’ eyelashes.

5. Play getting halted because of oncoming cars or Zambonis.

4. Shadows developing on the ice as the day advanced.

3. Snowbanks everywhere – some even swallowing errant pucks.

2. Rooster-tails of snow as Sidney Crosby moved the puck down ice for his shootout game-winner.

1. The sound of goal-post iron resonated through the hood on Ales Kotalik’s shootout goal.

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