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Milan Lucic's Blog: The importance of family

Milan Lucic shows his not-so-tender side against the Leafs' Mark Bell.

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Milan Lucic shows his not-so-tender side against the Leafs' Mark Bell.


Growing up in British Columbia, I remember always watching Hockey Night in Canada on Saturdays with my friends and family.

We would plan our nights around watching the games – whatever we did, we’d always try and make sure we’d be in front of the television when HNIC started. 

One of my favorite teams to watch was the Toronto Maple Leafs. They played exciting hockey and the atmosphere at the Air Canada Centre always seemed electric. This made our recent trip to face the Leafs all the more special to me, personally. To finally play, and win, on the ice that I watched so many games on television was a tremendous experience. 
And, to make it even better, my mom and dad flew in from Vancouver to see me play. They have come to a few of my games this year and I always like knowing they are in the house watching me.

Living so far away from Boston, they unfortunately can’t come to every game so it’s always special when they do. They are really proud and excited seeing me play in the NHL and take great pride in watching me achieve my goals and live my dream. 

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I owe them a lot - they have always been extremely supportive and put in a lot of time and effort into my life as a hockey player. Whether it was waking up at the break of dawn to drive me to practice or a game, or just always being there after every game – win or lose – they have been a tremendous influence on my career.

Hopefully they’ll be able to come to more games as this season continues.
Thanks to those readers who wrote in with questions and comments on my blog.  Keep ‘em coming and I’ll address them in a mailbag in the near future - editorial@thehockeynews.com.

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