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Proteau's Blog: Disappointments big and small

• I don't know what disappointed me more this year – the Columbus Blue Jackets' offense, the Phoenix Coyotes' defense, or the entire season of 24. Actually, I do: 24 sucked large. Hurry back, Prison Break!

• If you're wondering where my comments are about the NHL on NBC debacle over the weekend – right now, I'm leaning heavily toward calling it The Horse's Ass Game – you'll have to wait until my Screen Shots column hits cyberspace Thursday. By then, I just may have calmed down enough to write it.

• Have to politely disagree with this Boston-area story suggesting it would be risky for the San Jose Sharks to re-sign 27-year-old Joe Thornton when he goes on the open market next summer, ostensibly because he's a regular-season superstar who hasn't yet led his team to a Stanley Cup championship.

It's funny – they used to say the same thing about Daniel Alfredsson, who is nearly seven years older than Thornton. By the time Thornton reaches Alfredsson's age, I'm willing to bet he'll have dispelled the “playoff softie” label the same way the Senators captain has done this spring. And I'm sure there'll be no shortage of teams willing to employ Thornton every year until he has a post-season breakthrough.

I don't think Sharks GM Doug Wilson will allow Thornton to get within sniffing distance of unrestricted free agency. Wilson knows full well what a gem he stole out of Boston – and he isn't about to let that gem go because of a couple team-based letdowns.

• Now that the Sabres are done, the “Chris Drury or Daniel Briere?” debate will drag on into the early part of the summer. But if Buffalo intends to make it past the Eastern Conference final, their primary focus should be on deepening their defense corps.

Oh, and two more years of Jaroslav Spacek at $3.3 million per? Good luck with that, Darcy Regier.

How hard was it not to smack Jeff Marek upside the head on OTR when he said the Sens should "blow it up" if they didn't win the cup!!?? To me he sounded a lot like a Leafs in complete denial that the Sens are a better franchise from the front office right through to the training staff. Please go on OTR more often. In face if Lansberg ever quits, I think you should take his jub!! thanks
- dave

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