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Proteau's Blog: Could Lightning strike Tortorella?

• Earlier this week, Bolts coach John Tortorella was ejected from a game for over-jawing with officials. Last night, after Tampa Bay was throttled 7-2 by Buffalo, he brusquely answered four questions from reporters before suddenly walking away.

Hitchcock shouldn't be so quick to grab that Columbus job, because there may be another one, in a much sunnier market, opening up very soon.

• Kramer, Kramer, Kramer. We hardly knew ye. And we don't want to know ye anymore.

There's a lesson NHLers should learn from the former Seinfeld star's public, ugly meltdown: He was busted via video filmed on a cell phone. Mark my words, it's only a matter of time before some over-refreshed NHLer is captured in the same way doing or saying something unseemly. Hear that, Ed Belfour?

• The Flyers win a couple of games, then give coach John Stevens a two-year contract extension? I'm all for making employees comfortable, but there's no guarantee interim GM Paul Holmgren will still be in the role beyond the summer.

If there is a new GM, he'll almost assuredly want his own bench boss. That'll mean Flyers ownership will be on the hook for two (three, should Ken Hitchcock decide he doesn't want back into the coaching game right away) contracts.

• If the Buffalo Sabres and Anaheim Ducks keep up their torrid pace, they could wind up with more than 120 standings points. And they have the league's cockamamie points system to thank for it.

Thanks to the extra point for a shootout loss, you don't really lose as often in the new NHL. You just win a little less. All the more reason to go to an all-or-nuthin'-type arrangement.

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